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Idea Validation
Idea Validation
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Post your product/business idea for constructive criticism and validation.

Can Eventbrite be reimagined?

A few things that made me question this:

1. Eventbrite wasn't built for online events.
2. Collaborations and integrations are an issue.
3. The platform doesn't have a moat other than legacy users.
4. The event listings are too broad.

There is an opportunity for a niche player. Thoughts?
Abdul Jabbar
Growth Expert | Designer
An old post, but a good one.
Joseph Thomas
CMO, Verbatim Analytics
Me and my cofounder are currently working on an analytics tool that will collate and analyse text based sentiments about your brand on social media.

What are some of the features that you expect a tool like this to have?
This piece from Glen gives you an insight into what people are willing to pay for when it comes to creators. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the creators in this list.